Abigail DeVille: The New Migration

Migrant pigeon, dirty bird.

Bronx-born artist Abigail DeVille will construct a historical maze displayed in vacant storefront spaces in the heart of Anacostia with collected materials from a ten-day road trip from DC to Florida in a new work, entitled The New Migration.  The New Migration will explore the implications of the mass flight and migratory return of African Americans to the South.

In addition to the installation, a sunset procession devised in collaboration with stage director Charlotte Brathwaite will kick-off the opening of the installation.  The procession will feature a special collection of handcrafted wearable sculptures created from recycled remnants and discarded materials worn by six performers commemorating the six million African descendants who dared to make the crossing known as The Great Migration.

The sculptures will start at the foot of the Frederick Douglas House and dance, chant, move and sing as spirits illuminating the journey – celebrating the determination and perseverance of these fearless pioneers.

Procession route: Frederick Douglas House down 14th Street across Good Hope Road Anacostia Arts Center.

The procession will culminate in a concert in front of the storefront installations at the Anacostia Arts Center featuring Greg Tate and Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber among others.

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Sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.