“All Ya Needs That Negrocity” CD Release Feast

To celebrate the release of “All Ya Needs That Negrocity” on Avant Groidd Musica, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber is presenting a Dinner Party at  The Village @ Gureje at Nova Bar and Garden Lounge on Saturday, November 5th.


Grill Master B. Mack’s (fresh off the Grill):

– Whole Grilled Tilapia,
– Deep Rubbed Grilled Chicken
– Deep Rubbed Barbecued Chicken.
– B. Mack’s Avocado-Sardine Dip!

Chef Stefanie’s Sushi Rolls (made fresh while you wait):

*umeboshi (salted plum)/avocado roll
*grilled eggplant teriyaki
*gobo (pickled burdock)
*spicy yellowtail roll
*spicy tuna roll
*scallop ponzu roll
*salmon skin roll
*grilled shrimp w/avocado
*vegetable tempura roll **
** with broccoli, sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, red & yellow peppers


– Veggie Pasta Salad
– Garden Salad
– Stef’s Homemade Salad Dressings: Caesar,  Balsamic or Cumin Lime
– Marinated Kale
– Rice & Beans

Dinner Party Schedule:

6pm – Dinner ( only 30 tickets will be sold ) (Cash Bar)

8pm – DJ Fauzi Dance Party

10pm – Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber set

12am – DJ Fauzi cool-down

Cards will be played throughout the night; get down or get up…….

Dinner Party Location:
The Village @ Gureje at Nova Bar and Garden Lounge
884-886 Pacific Street  (between Underhill Ave. & Washington Ave.)
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn NY 11238

Ticket Prices:

$35.00 – dinner-cd-t shirt-performance**
Only a limited number of dinner tickets will be sold! You can purchase these in advance by calling The Village @ Gureje. (A $1.00 service charge will be applied to phone orders)

$25.00 – cd-t shirt-performance**

$15.00 – cd-performance

$10.00 – performance

**$5.00 discount when you purchase two or more $35.00 or $25.00 tickets.

Advance tickets can be purchased at The Village @ Gureje
– 718-857-2522
–  gureje.com/site/schedule/

Look forward to seeing you in the Place to Be on November 5th cause as Those Who Already Know can tell you, once the Burnt Sugar Crew starts to Party it’s an On and On Til the Break of Dawn Affair!!!!