Burnt Sugar Arkestra’s Blaque Magik Feat

Just back from thrashin the Steely Dan songbook in Paris for the Sons d’hiver Festival the Burnt Sugar Arkestra presents a blaque magik trick:

two performances …
by two different prime-time crews …
in different countries …
on the same night !!

Burnt Sugar Cinefhonic Strike Force Presents:
Music Inspired by Oscar Micheaux’ 1925 film
“Body & Soul” Starring Paul Robeson

February 28th  2013 at THE STONE
– 16 Avenue C  ( corner of Ave. C & 2nd St. ) – NYC

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber ( Body & Soul edition )
Greg Tate (conduction/laptop)
Carl Hancock Rux (vocals)
Abby Dobson (vocals)
Latasha N. Diggs (vocals & soundscapes)
Luqman Brown (vocals/trombone/electronics)
Micah Gaugh (alto sax)
Avram Fefer (tenor sax)
Andre Lassalle (guitar)
Lewis Watterson (electric bass)
Shawn Banks (percussion)

“Body and Soul”, directed by the legendary African American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, is a direct critique of the power of the cloth, casting Robeson in dual roles as a jackleg preacher and a well-meaning inventor. Burnt Sugar’s Cinefhonic Strike Force will present a Conduction of the score they developed for the projects’ screening-and-live-scoring Paris debut at the Sons d’hiver Festival, on February 3, 2013.

Straight Off The Dome Tour

February 28th  2013 at THIS AIN’T HOLLYWOOD
345 James Street North – Hamilton Ontario – CANADA

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber
(This Ain’t Hollywood/Hallwalls edition )

Mikel Banks (conduction, vocals)
Shelley Nicole (vocals)
Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes (trumpet)
V. Jeffrey Smith (tenor saxophone)
‘Moist’ Paula Henderson (baritone saxophone)
Ben Tyree (electric guitar)
Jared Michael Nickerson (electric bass)
Chris Eddleton (drums)

Burnt Sugar Aint HollywoodThis being Burnt Sugar’s third time to be presented in Hamilton by Ken Inouye, the plan is no plan as we’ll follow Mikel Banks’ baton wherever it directs us to go. This crew will follow their This Ain’t Hollywood appearance with a two-day residency at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center –  341 Delaware Ave. in Buffalo N.Y., where, joined by Greg Tate, we’ll visit the Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts for a conduction workshop with the Concert Band and later in the day a group performance for the whole school; that evening there will be an open rehearsal/performance at Hallwalls’ 9th Ward; concluding the residency with a 2-set performance at Asbury Hall on Saturday night.

and on & on till Star Trek become real … that’s how the Sugar flows …..