December 2007

Being a festive band, we are hitting early and on both sides of Christmas this month to close out 2007 and get ready for 2008. Starting with a Darryl McNeil-curated BRC fundraiser at the fab Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg with Don McKenzie’s Red Lights to Rio, Fishbone Angelo Moore’s Dr. Mad Vibe revue, Millsted and Yours Truly come on out and heop us raise soome money in this piece on the 9th.

Then to bookend Christmas and get all Kwanza about it too, curator-of-the-month Vijay Iyer was kind enough to ask the Sugar to reprezent on the 22nd at The Stone. Being one of the original Sugar-crew members we could only say where and when and we’d love to. So whoop here it is, the Sugar’s first performance at the Stone. We’ve heard legendary music is happening at John Zorn’s club and the Sugar plans to provide it’s share.

Next, we’ll be back with Joce & Jef at Zebulon on the 27th and see if we can play in the new year without any one noticing –I know…. starting at midnight it’s around three or four days worth of tunes, but we’ve been steadily increasing our work load and with the help of Barry Bond’s trainer….fell up to it. Will it be allowed…. come and see!