Black Sex Yall: Liberation & Bloody Random Violets

  • Black Sex Yall: Liberation & Bloody Random Violets
  • 2003 : truGROID

One of Burnt Sugar’s most diverse and opu­lent record­ings. This col­lec­tion fea­tures key con­tri­bu­tions from Ver­non Reid, Vijay Iyer, Butch Mor­ris, Pete Cosey, Tamar Kali, DJ Muta­mas­sik, Omega Moon and Kirk Dou­glas of the Roots.

“Moon­chile” (sec­tion 2:18 — 4:55)Lis­ten

Track Listing

1. funky rich med­i­na
2. fear
3. mtume(pt1)
4. mtume(pt2)
5. dri­va man/freedom day
6. mer­maids angels and rain­bows
7. bas (kiss) super grungy mix
8. ran­dom vio­lets
9. muta’s rites (ver­sion)
10. moon­chile
11. gib­ber­ish & bushwack
12. ven­tris
13. no direc­tion home(pt1)
14. no direc­tion home(pt2)
15. no direc­tion home(pt3)
16. no direc­tion home(pt4)
17. no direc­tion home(pt5)
18. no direc­tion home(pt6)
19. no direc­tion home(pt7)
20. the rites redux



“Some of the most intriguing moments in this live-sounding studio recording are hard-hitting covers of Miles' "Mtume" (from Get Up With It) and the Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln suite "Driva Man/Freedom Day," which incorporates Marque Gilmore's drum 'n' bass programs and Vernon Reid's electric guitar into the fabric of its bluesy foundation.”
by  Bill Milkowski