Chopped and Screwed Volume 2

  • Chopped and Screwed Volume 2
  • 2007 : truGROID

Remix­es, rar­i­ties, out-takes and con­duc­tions — includ­ing tracks from the score for Greg Tate’s film “Black Body Radi­a­tion”.



“With this col­lec­tion of remixes Burnt Sugar demon­strates their abil­ity to bal­ance these ancient and futur­is­tic forces. Per­haps not on the inter­plan­e­tary scale imag­ined in Black Body Radi­a­tion, but instead at a mol­e­c­u­lar level. Ever cir­cling, chem­i­cally alter­ing their sur­round­ings, and if prop­erly stim­u­lated, launch­ing mush­room clouds into the heavens”
by  Brian Hull