Not April in Paris; Live from Banlieus Bleues

  • Not April in Paris
  • 2004 : TruGROID

Record­ed Live at Ban­lieus Bleues: Salle Pablo Neru­da, Bobigny, France. March 19th, 2004

Track List

  1. Spring­time for Chillun (by Bruce Mack)
  2. Half Moon Flip­pers
  3. Jun­gle Fibre
  4. Jun­gle Fau­vre
  5. Maz­zafrique lis­ten
  6. Jere­mi­ah the Gal­lic Lis­ten
  7. Held in Faith (feat. Lisala)
  8. All Fall Down (feat. JDX)
  9. Pan­pipes and Sprites Lis­ten
  10. The Blood of Pome­gran­ates
  11. Res­ur­rec­tion Rag



“There are live albums where you just had to be there, and there are ones that take you there. This documentation of a 2001 Burnt Sugar performance is of the latter variety.”
by  Rico Cleffi
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