The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps

  • The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky's Le Sacre Du Printemps
  • 2003 : TruGROID/AvantGROID

Greg Tate’s band under Butch Morris’s baton.
With:  Butch Mor­ris, Pete Cosey & Melvin Gibbs

Track List

  1. What Stravin­sky? Lis­ten
  2. The Brahm­sian? Lis­ten
  3. The Russ­ian?
  4. Litur­gi­cal?
  5. The Neo­clas­si­cist?
  6. Or The Jazz Stravin­sky?
  7. Sky Porch



“Of course, an eclectic lineup such as this requires strong direction and, this time around, the whip comes from guest conductor Butch Morris. His style of conducting is not to lead a group through a written score, but to react to the ongoing group improvisation and pull what he feels are the right sounds and elements out of the musicians. His touch ranges from gentle string interludes that organically meld into fractured ambient washes to deep bass grooves and long guitar lines that produce soaring, sustained aches or disturbing subterranean agitations. The music is generally abstract, but there is an element of excitement as its form grows and the pieces sprout new limbs.”
by  Tom Bojko
Japan Times Online