Introducing REBELLUM

big rebellum_V1Here in 2014 allow the Burnt Sugar Arkestra to introduce it’s avant funk & roll splinter cell … REBELLUM.

Gripping the sum of  REBELLUM’s parts LIVE demands one apprehends these factions: The  two-part super-fly vocal frontline  of  Mikel Banks & Shelley Nicole;  those ace riddim section companeras, The Buckeye Bass Mack Jared Michael Nickerson & our 主要 Man from Japan on Kick & Snare …  Hiroyuki “Matsu” Matsuura, Valerie June Guitar Hero, Ben Tyree, Bari Sax Goddess for TVOR & Nick Waterhouse ‘Moist’ Paula Henderson, Billy Ocean Tenor Sax Hooksmith V. Jeffery Smith, William Parker Trumpeter of Choice Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes, Vernon Reid Keyboard Liberator, Leon Gruenbaum.

This very accomplished crew has  playing credits that range from The Roots, Toshi Reagon, Charlie Musselwhite, DJ Logic, Gary Lucas, TV On The Radio, Tamar-kali, Phish, William Parker, Mark Ribot, Lizz Wright, The Holmes Brothers, Lady Kier, Freedy Johnston, Sandra St. Victor, Wadada Leo Smith, David Murray, Debbie Gibson, Joseph Bowie and England’s The The.

ON THE RECORDING a gaggle of Special Guests include Abby Dobson, Micah Gaugh, Kim Hill, Marc Cary, Ronny Drayton, Somi, Satch Hoyt, Courtney Bryan, Vernon Reid, Meah Pace, Andre Lassalle, la Bruha Desi la, Mazz Swift and “The Darknuss Co-Producer, Buddhabug Records’ Luqman Brown.

Let us also give a shout-out to our Master Blaster Master-eur Tom Ruff for Asbury Media … Ya Heard!

File under Grown&SexyAvant-Agit-Pop. The 20 songs on REBELLUM’s debut album “the Darknuss”  on their own label, AvantGroidd Musica/Tru Groidd, burst forth a bloody profusion of exotic trace elements–warped soul harmonies, freedom swing horn play, maggot brained guitar implosions and arkestral loopadelics in the dark.

REBELLUM’s song titles loudly & proudly represent the ranting swoon of their Afro-Futurist insurgency: ”Start Thinking like An Afreakun”, ”The Darknuss”, ”Rock Star Amnesiac”, ”Who’s Loving You Now?”, ”Chains & Water / No Coloureds Allowed”, ”There Is A God (The Singularity)”and ”Young Frankenstank”.

The spirits of Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Eddie Hazel, Gary Numan and The Emotions are all welcome here.

“The Darknuss” Production Credits:
Produced by Luqman Brown for Buddhabug Records (Harlem N.Y.)
Mastered by Tom Ruff for Asbury Media
Executive Producers: Greg Tate for AvantGroidd Musica & Jared Michael Nickerson for Burnt Sugar Index LLC
Cover Collage by Wangechi Mutu
Photography by Nisha Sondhe
Cover Design by LaRonda Davis
“The Darknuss” can be streamed & downloaded at Bandcamp:
and “The Darknuss” CDs can be purchased at CD Baby:

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REBELLUM Group Photo Credit: Photos by ‘Moist’ Paula Henderson & Shelley Nicole ~ Collage & Tinting by Amy Gail