July 2007

” When Fried Eggs Fly” the film featuring Bruce Mack is on rotation on the Starz network!
Check your local listings for future showings.
Satch Hoyt’s making news again –
Here’s a couple stories on one of his recent works; “Oil on Sugar” commissioned for the Bicentennial commemoration of the abolition of the British slave trade.
on The BBC
Many of you know that artist and friend of Burnt Sugar, Sharrif Simmons was shot in the leg in May, when he was robbed after his car broke down in Birmingham, Alabama’s south side.
Although reports looked good for a relatively speedy recovery, he’s learned that his surgeries haven’t been successful & more will be necessary to save his leg. Instead of returning to work in September as hoped, it looks like at best, it will be January ’08 before he’s able to work.

There’s possible compensation from the victim’s unit of the Birmingham police dept., but those funds aren’t currently available.
So – his friends are kicking into motion to help raise some financial and spiritual support for Sharrif and his family.
If you’re in our near Brooklyn, NYC – you can help by heading out to a hot show on Wed, July 25 at Sputnik. – hosted by Liza Jesse Peterson & featuring The Majestic Twinsound (dj sets), Burnt Sugar, the Sharrif Simmons band and other special guests.
There’s a suggested donation of $10 and smaller donation are gladly accepted!
All donations will go to help Sharrif and his family.
Wednesday, July 25
at Sputnik
262 Taffee Place,
Brooklyn, NY
Suggested donation $10.00If you can’t come to the show, Sharrif’s friends have set up a special myspace page – stop by and make a donation and/or just send your wishes to Sharrif.

That’s it for now,
Sending our love, prayers, and good vibrations to Sharrif, Sekou and Maureen.
Love and Peace, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber