LC Restart Stages TodayTix Lottery and Seating & COVID-19 Health and Safety Requirements

• Audiences can reserve pod tickets to the performance through the TodayTix Lottery. Entrants may enter to win one FREE pod (2 seats);

• Winners will receive an email and push notification and must claim their FREE pod (2 seats) in the allotted 30-minute window. If you do not claim your pod ticket within the 30-minute window, you will lose your seats and another winner will be drawn.

• Once you receive your e-ticket, you will be given a designated entry time based on your pod’s location and instructions on completing a health screening (see COVID-19 Health & Safety). Please allow enough travel time to arrive by your designated entry time. There will be no late seating.

• One ticket will be issued for all guests seated in the pod together, therefore, all guests need to arrive at the same time for entry.

• In order to seat everyone safely and efficiently, the audience will be seated in pairs (1 pair per pod), with each pair 6-feet from the others.

Health and safety is our top priority. In accordance with the New York State guidelines and in consultation with our medical advisors, we have implemented protocols to enhance safety for all staff, artists and guests. Before reserving tickets, please note that all guests attending an event at Damrosch Park are required to complete the health screening procedures below, per current state guidelines:

• All guests will be required to complete a health survey upon arrival, with questions related to recent travel, current symptoms, and any recent COVID-19 diagnosis or possible contact with someone who has recently tested positive.
• All guests are also required to complete a temperature check upon arrival. Anyone registering a temperature above 100.4 will be directed away from entry and asked to sit for 5 minutes. They will then have their temperature checked a second time. At this time, if they register above 100.4, they will not be admitted.

Any guest who does not successfully complete any of the above requirements will not be admitted to the event. Further instructions will be sent after reserving tickets.

By reserving tickets and/or by visiting Lincoln Center, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. To view the full acknowledgment and release :