Live on Air with Dave Sewelson

On Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 2pm, BSAC kicks out the jams with Dave Sewelson on Dave’s WFMU Give The Drummer Radio Stream. We’ll riff on our timeless founder Gregory Stephen “Ionman” Tate; the release of our first piece of vinyl; our recent Burnt Sugar SmokeHouse super rad, throw down at Lincoln Center; our upcoming SlamJunk Productions/Radegast Hall hit … while occasionally dripping live, microscopic-avant-groidd-sugar sauce all over your eardrums with an improvisation or two, or three, or four. You know what time it is, where’s there’s the Burnt Sugar Arkestra … there’s always more.

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About our Host

Dave Sewelson was born in Oakland, California in 1952. There was a half-size violin kept in the family closet in case he wanted to become a concert violinist. Instead Dave played trumpet at the age of nine; moved on to baritone horn at the age of eleven; followed by a stint on drums until settling on electric bass at the age of thirteen. After adding upright bass to the mix Dave switched to saxophone at the age of twenty-one. He has specialized in the baritone saxophone since the early seventies.

Sewelson arrived in New York City in the summer of 1977. Settling in the East Village becaming a stalwart of the downtown scene playing with The 25 O’Clock Band, Jemeel Moondoc’s Jus Grew Orchestra, Saheb Sarbib’s Multinational Big Band, Noise R Us, Mofungo, Freedomland and Fast ‘n Bulbous.

Dave was a founding member of the Microscopic Septet and is a lifetime member of William Parker’s Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra and has played with many wonderful musicians, including, Billy Bang, John Zorn, Peter Kuhn, Alex Cline, Roy Campbell,  Sonny Murray, Kidd Jordan, Daniel Carter, Will Connell and Stephanie Stone.

Current projects include Two Sisters Inc., Sewelsonics, the MFAFWQ, The Daves, Smooth FreeJazz, and the Jazz Camp Trio.

As well as being a guest on radio shows on such stations as KPOO, WFMU and WKCR, he has been heard on the theme music of a variety of shows on NPR.

Dave hosts a weekly radio show on Saturdays from 2 til 5pm on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio Stream. Every week Dave has a guest musician/poet/artist on the air for conversation, playing records and spontaneous live improvisations. Past guests have included, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Steve Swell, Michael Moss, Steve Dalachinksy Lisa Sokolov and a host of other luminaries.