Moist Paula is Turning 50 – Golden Jubilee Semi-Centennial Launch Party 

Moist Paula's 50th BirthdayBurnt Sugar is moist pleased to be a part of Moist Paula’s 50th birthday celebration.
We hope you’ll join us!

A note from the Birthday Goddess:

“Yes friends, it’s finally happening … I’m wrapping up my first semi-century on the planet and of course I’m going to celebrate by doing what I love to do most, playing bari sax all night with my beautiful loved ones in a venue that’s been very special to me for the last 17 years and which is closing its doors at the end of June 2013, Studio BPM NYC at 237 Kent Ave in Williamsburg.  I had my 40th birthday party there and many other birthdays too, so this Saturday will also be part of the Bye bye BPM series.  

Most excitingly, Moisturizer is reforming for this occasion and will kick off the night’s festivities at 9pm; the second set of the night will be by Anderson Henderson White, a new trio of old friends, me, Rev. Vince Anderson & Jim White.  We all go way back. My 3rd set of the night will be with Burnt Sugar and if you’ve never experienced this magical music machine that I’ve been lucky enough to be part of for over 10 years, I’d consider it a birthday present if you would.   And I have a very strong feeling that the jamming will go on late which has always been the tradition at bpm.  

Info is below, and if you like facebook, there’s an invite there:

And if you’re on this list, thank you for being part of the first 50 years. I’m very excited about the next 50. “