Live from Das Funk-Capitol of the Buckeye Nation – snow date blizzard can delay but as you are witness cannot stop the Burnt Sugar Arkestra’s Lincoln Center sticky take on the Dayton Ohio Funk Songbook. We’ll be “caramelizing” the Ohio Players, Zapp, Lakeside, Junie Morrison, Heatwave, Slave and Aurra, while also bringing back the old school “slow drag” where you’d least suspect it.  Bring your partner, come and meet someone new on the dance floor; we plan on creating a tighten up old acquaintances & bump into new friends party atmosphere!

Let’s give a “shout out” to  Jordana Leigh, David Rubenstein Atrium’s Director and Viviana Benitez & Meera Dugal, respectively Associate Producer & Programming Manager for quickly providing a “snow date”.  Let us also say, if you know the Dayton Ohio songbook you know, season appropriately, we’ll only be touching the tip of the funky iceberg!  So please join us for “Live from Das Funk-Capital of the Buckeye Nation : Burnt Sugar Arkestra Freaks Dayton Ohio’s Sweet Sticky Thangbook” … Part One.