More about Nietzsche’s & DJ Milk

Well it’s On like “Bang A Gong”!  BSA & DJ Milk are returning to Nietzsche’s for Round Two!  The first time under the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center’s banner, with the blessings of Ed Cardoni, Steve Baczkowski and LeRoi Johnson, Rick James’ brother and back-in-the-day manager, BSA brought RJ & The Stone City Band’s swaggadocious music back to life :

For round two Cory Perla, the Music Editor at The Public, Buffalo’s free paper and website for those “in the know” has chosen BSA to “caramelize” the music of Prince and their newest release “All You Zombies Dig The Luminosity” with DJ Milk spinning & winning beforehand, in between and closing the night so even the BSA crew can get their “dance on”!

DJ Milk has been a part of the Buffalo music and video production scene for over a decade. Milk is not only a DJ he is a performer, a media personality and force within his community. He is notorious for bringing that special energy to a party when spinning or not. When not spinning at the hottest clubs, lounges and concerts in Buffalo, uou can catch him on television on WGRZ Channel 2’s segment Arts 2 Entertainment every Friday and Saturday giving a break down on the weeks hottest events in Buffalo. Milk’s most recent gig took him to St. Croix where he got to let his Soca vibe out. Milk is best known for his versatility, specializing in multiple genres of music which appeals to a wide range of audience. Whether rock, soul classics, hip-hop, pop, house, dancehall, reggae, reggaeton, soca or salsa. DJ Milk knows the songs that will make you dance!

Nietzsche’s is one of Buffalo’s truly legendary venues—not only because it is a linchpin in the local scene but because of its welcoming reputation among national and regional touring acts, and because of its history as the jumping-off point for many local musicians who have moved on to bigger things; Ani DiFranco is the most famous, but by no means the only of these.  Nietzsche’s is a fixture in Allentown.  The club’s owner, Joe Rubino, opened his doors nearly 25 years ago. He was a partner in a long-gone West Seneca club called Frodo’s but was looking for a new venture. His accountant, a high school friend, told him about a cavernous joint in Allentown that was up for sale. The rest is local music history!

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Burnt Sugar Arkestra Family … now You know!