More about PATIENT(CE) & Jack Shainman Gallery’s The School in Kinderhook

Stefanie Batten Bland’s Company SBB & BSA present PATIENT(CE), an interdisciplinary work inspired by father daughter conversations between Company SBB founder and controversial composer and film maker Ed Bland. This creation examines the structure of jazz with its formal emphasis on the eternal present. Through a collaboration with futuristic jazz ensemble Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber’s choreographic unit of Mikel Banks, Julie Brown, Chris Eddleton, V. Jeffrey Smith and Greg Tate and visual installation by Ms. Batten Bland and Alaric Hahn, PATIENT(CE) will examine the critical relationship that the musical, physical and visual arts have with space and time.
The School is a venue for special exhibitions as well as a home for the gallery’s collection. The architecture of the existing 1929 federal-revival elementary school lent itself to the vision of architect Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas. Torrecillas maximized the potential of the original structure through redesign features including a build out of the school’s gymnasium, creating a 5,000 square foot exhibition space with soaring 24-foot ceilings. A perimeter gallery rings the former gymnasium while classrooms on the second level function as more traditional exhibition spaces. In addition to the interior galleries, the property sits on five acres of land that will provide a temporary home for outdoor sculptural and site-specific installations.