LeRoi C. Johnson ~ Rick James’s Brother, Personal & Artistic Manager note

Oh and just so you know … this “happening” is made possible with support from Mr. LeRoi C. Johnson (Rick James’s Brother, Manager & a noted painter) and through public funds from the Music program of the New York State Council on the Arts.

Here’s a bit of Leroi’s background:

From 1981 to 1992 LeRoi C. Johnson was the President & Vice-President of Mary Jane Productions, Inc.  During that time period LeRoi negotiated entertainment contracts for Rick James, The Mary Jane Girls, Val Young and Process and the Doo Rags with Motown, CBS and Warner Brothers; toured the United States and Europe extensively in venues ranging from 10,000 to 110,000 people and personally managed and represented Rick James, Stone City Band, The Mary Jane Girls, Val Young and Process and the Doo Rags who sold over twenty million records collectively.

Regarding those times LeRoi says … ” Everything that Rick did including his day-to-day activities and operations were managed by my company during this period.  So, in addition to being his brother and close friend, I was his manager.  Rick created the musical ideas and I made them work both financially and artistically.  Rick and I were a team. He was the leader, I was the manager, it’s that simple.”