Sonic Vault: Burnt Sugar’s Open Rehearsal in the 9th Ward

The .9Mile Collaborative presents Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber.

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber would like to thank Steve Baczkowski, Ed Cardoni, HALLWALLS Contemporary Art Center & The .9Mile Collaborative for presenting Nicole Mitchell, Mazz Swift, Charles Gayle, Henry Grimes and The Brotzmann/Parker/Drake Trio’s 2020 commissioned & archival digital performances for their “Sonic Vault” Series. We are thrilled to be included amongst this cadre of esteemed Artists with a streaming presentation of archival video featuring our 2013 Residency at Hallwalls.

On the 1st evening of the residency, we performed in the 9th Ward & featured music created in the moment using Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris’ Conduction® system for conducted improvisation. The video features music from that evening along with some post-concert discussion with Greg Tate about the influence Butch had on the group as well as some footage from a workshop at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.

Premiering this Thursday, July 9th at eight pm EST, the video will stream on Hallwall’s Facebook page, as well as their website (where it will remain in the archives.)

The Arkestra:
Greg ‘Ionman’ Tate – conduction, electronics
Mikel ’Spirithood’ Banks – vocals, freak-a-phone, conduction
Shelley Nicole – vocals
Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes – trumpet
V. Jeffrey Smith – tenor saxophone
‘Moist’ Paula Henderson – baritone saxophone
Ben Tyree – electric guitar
Chris Eddleton – drums
Jared Michael Nickerson – electric bass