Tricky Dilemma

TRICKY DILEMMA, led by multi-instrumentalist Bruce Mack (of Burnt Sugar) is a trio of abstract-expressionists that also features guitarists Muata25/Thomas Blast Murray (Eurhythmics, Terrence Trent D’Arby) and Marvin Sewell (formerly of Cassandra Wilson).

The Howling Necessity, conceptualized by Bruce Mack, is an exploration in addressing human desire and ‘calling out’ when in need, using aural landscapes to describe the human condition as the 13th century Persian poet/philosopher Rumi did with words. Mack, is expressing experience without words or melodies, by playing freely, responding to his mood changes and the effects of those changes on his and the playing of fellows Thomas Murray and Marvin Sewell (who obviously have their own demons to expel).

With instruments being used like neurological telegraph writers, The Howling Necessity is an emotionally honest body of work featuring 9 tracks that were improvised and recorded live using a combination of acoustic, electric and exotic instruments such as Udo drum and Greek Bouzouki. The Howling Necessity is the metamorphosis of Mack from the days of his punk-funk-r&b-rock bands PBR StreetGang and Rebels Be Phuncky.
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