We Insist ! Freedom Now – M’Boom, M’Boom, M’Boom – All The Muses of the Drummer ~ Punta Giara Cultural Association Press Release

“On the borders between Sardinia and Jazz” Festival performs the XXXII edition it’s a yet another expression of love, towards the contemporary language of music and, in particular, of jazz. The Festival will have the intact strength and the attitude that has always characterized this event : “the curiosity”. It starts from the past, that is still present, to read the contemporary life of men and women. This Festival has the ambition to write new
pages in universal music. This Festival only begins in our island but music shapes the future through this unique art.

The Punta Giara Cultural Association is always connected to the world and it draws ideas from music to talk about society which makes the music useful.  In conceiving, designing and making the XXXII edition, after a long and successful analysis, the Artistic Director and the members of the Punta Giara Cultural Association started from the recently released Amnesty International’s Civil Rights Annual Report that made us realize how we are in front of a humanitarian emergency of global proportions.

After the social revolution of the 1960’ the world seems to have taken a step back from what we consider an acquired right like the human rights should be considered. In fact, it’s worth noting that in recent time, the human rights are going through great dangers. Violations, in about 160 so-called democratic states, systematically affect many of inalienable rights: betrayed childhood, gender violence, war crimes, enforced disappearances, torture and mass deportations represent and describe a catastrophic picture. Neither of us could have never imagined of such an involution of the rights due to the social revolutions of the 60’s, and this haven’t let all the members of the Association indifferent.

Thought automatically goes to those countries that do not fall within the “The Civilized West”.  Instead, it’s in the open for everyone to see how the latest US elections have been conducted in a “discriminatory, misogynistic and xenophobic” way.  The United States of America, actually, have marked one of the most important social changes of the past millennium. It seems like a sponge has canceled the sweat and blood of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and all African Americans sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy. Now, a strong need to analyze a cornerstone of the struggle for civil rights and of the jazz’s evolution is returning. Our thought has inevitably focused on the suite “We Insist! Freedom Now” composed by the brilliant drummer Max Roach and supplemented by the words of the African-American poet, singer and writer Oscar Brown Jr.

The contribution that this work has given a contribution to civil rights is summarized in the exclamation point within the its title, this is not a request but a will that, during the 60’s, has become increasingly urgent and necessary. This stance is not negotiable nor postponed and it is evidenced by the cover of that wonderful, historical, fundamental and revolutionary suite. It will be exactly the spirit of Max Roach that will characterize this edition. Roach, in its own right, is considered one of the most important innovators of his instrument and, as a result, of jazz music. He is a milestone against which every musician is obliged to confront. Roach has managed to turn the battery from a simple accompanying instrument in a creative machine. His battery can conduct all the tools that had characterized the jazz composition hitherto. His ability to transfer the bebop style on drums, has made him the father of modern percussion as a personal expression tool. His technical ability, appreciated by musicians the caliber of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy and Sonny Rollins, among many, joined the political awareness, increasingly linked to the social inequality, which unfortunately characterizes the human organization .

This edition will be characterized by percussion and its evolution and by a strong female presence.  Inequality also involves sexual discrimination and physical and mental abuse suffered by women because of a nonexistent male superiority. We will focus on the extreme creative power of united women and their creative dimension also. We will look through the eyes of a figure who unites in herself infinite existences able to wrap and protect all the universe. Not only because they create life but also because they are creators of artistic visions, cultural and social. Eye of the Muses will help and guide us into a depth that, maybe, will destabilize all of that millennial unfounded preconceptions.

Through the development of this theme we feel that Jazz can and must assert its social value once again. Jazz will be able to move away from superficiality that consider the music art as pure entertainment. Our intention is to promote the creation of an original thought, unable to choose between what oppression and law is. That’s why, inspired by the masterpiece of one of the most important musicians in the history of contemporary music, we join in the scream that says, “We insist! Freedom Now “.

The Press Conference of the XXXII edition of ON THE BORDERS BETWEEN SARDINIA AND JAZZ Festival has been issued on the 7th of April 2017. From the same date, information and program of the Festival will be featured on our official website :  www.santannarresijazz.it.
Sant’Anna Arresi, 23 Marzo 2017