What You need to know about BSA’s MOTR PUB Two Night stand

Burnt Sugar at MOTR Pub

After Rebellum’s (BSA’s avant funk & roll splinter cell) dropped the funk in 2014 MOTR PUB recognized the good time had by all & knowing that Twice is NYC-e has decided to bring the Burnt Sugar Arkestra to Cincinnati for back-to-back nights in September.  Are … You … Ready … Four sets on Thursday & Friday nights allowing you two days to rest and get ready for your Monday.  Trust the MOTR PUB & Us … if you dare come & get Booty-Rump-Funk Caramelized … You’ll need the two day recovery period !!!!

THU 9:30pm and 11pm.
FRI 10:30pm and 12am.

If you didn’t know … Now you Know!