Greg Tate on Mizik Pou Dwa Moun

"Mizik Pou Dwa Moun" disc 1“Like everyone else within reach of global media on the week January 12, 2010, the members of the Burnt Sugar collective were horrified and saddened by news of the massive earthquake which catastrophically struck the island of Haiti. In its disastrous wake came the loss of 250,000 lives and the ongoing terror, displacement, hunger and grief for those of Haiti’s people left to fend for themselves in the continuous aftermath. While many of us immediately made individual contributions to relief efforts, we have also now been guided by the conscience and imagination of our good friend (and graphic design maven) Amy Gail to present this compilation of music by Burnt Sugar and its members to Haiti’s survival and rebirth. A pivotal mecca for Black Atlantic culture in this hemisphere, especially in the realms of mysticism, music and visual art, Haiti has also, since the 18th century, been an inspiration for all struggling worldwide for justice and self-determination against those with anti-democratic imperialistic designs on their people and land. Those seeking evidence of how much damage a ‘small axe’ can do to a ‘big tree’ need look no further than the San Domingo revolution which gave Haiti its independence in 1804.

Saxophonist Albert Ayler long recognized music as the ‘healing force of the universe’. It is our hope that Burnt Sugar’s humble offering– whose profits will gained solely through donations to the Haitian-based medical aid organization Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health)–will build on Ayler’s idea artistically and spiritually to lend energy, inspiration and even greater global empathy to the resurrection of Haiti’s people and their nation’s infrastructure, social institutions and civil society.”
Greg Tate
Music Director/Conductor
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber

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