"Mizik Pou Dwa Moun" disc 1

Greg Tate on Mizik Pou Dwa Moun

“Like everyone else within reach of global media on the week January 12, 2010, the members of the Burnt Sugar collective were horrified and saddened by news of the massive earthquake which catastrophically struck the island of Haiti. In its disastrous wake came the loss of 250,000 lives and the ongoing terror, displacement, hunger and grief for those of Haiti’s people left to fend for themselves in the continuous aftermath. While many of us immediately made individual contributions to relief efforts, we have also now been guided by the conscience and imagination of our good friend (and graphic design maven) Amy Gail to present this compilation of music by Burnt Sugar and its members to Haiti’s survival and rebirth

Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Photos by Shane Nelson

September 2008

It’s back to visit our new friends in Hamilton ( the Pepper Jack Cafe ), Guelph ( The Guelph Jazz Festival ) and Toronto ( the Lula Lounge ) Ontario on September 5th, 6th and 7th, with a first-time stop in Buffalo N.Y. on September 4th, thanks to Steve Baczkowski & Hallwalls and Craig Reynolds & the Big Orbit Gallery.

Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Photos by Shane Nelson

In which Greg Tate interviews Greg Tate about Burnt Sugar’s New Album ‘The Rites’ and Related Matters

Burnt Sugar vs. Stravinsky? How did we get here? Why y’all tripping? GT It was really more a case of Burnt Sugar vs. Butch Morris. Uncle Igor was just an innocent bystander who got caught in our crosshairs or our shorthairs as the case might be. This project has an odd circular history. About two
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