"Mizik Pou Dwa Moun" disc 1

“Mizik Pou Dwa Moun” A Burnt Sugar Collective Compilation for the People of Ayiti

Burnt Sugar is pleased to present: “Mizik Pou Dwa Moun” (Human Rights Music). 25 songs of lamentation, meditation and joy contributed by Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber and its Collective Members. Dedicated to the memory of the souls lost and to the survival and rebirth of Haiti and her people, the album is a free download offered in exchange for your donation to the Haitian aid organization Zanmi Las­ante (Partners in Health).Contributions by: Satch Hoyt, Micah Gaugh, The Perfect Man-Dave ‘Smoota’ Smith (feat. Secretary), Brazz Tree, Maya Azucena, Moist Paula Henderson, The Citizens, ISWHAT, Dayton Flic, Jeremiah, Will Martina, Bruce Mack, Meret Koehler, The Avram Fefer Trio, Ladell Mclin and Swiss Chris, Moisturizer, The Destruction of Black Civilization, BT3 and Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber.