The ElectroCution of Miles Davis: A Burnt Sugar Tribute Performance

Recorded live at Sons d’Hiver February 5th, 2011.

TRUMPET Lewis Flip Barnes Jr. ALTO Micah Gaugh TENOR+BASS CLARINET Avram Fefer VIOLIN Mazz Swift CELLO Will Martina CONTREBASSE Jason Di Matteo ELEC BASS Jared Michael Nickerson GUITARS Andre Lassalle – Asim Barnes DRUMS LaFrae Sci – Chris Eddleton KEYS Bruce Mack – W. Myles Reilly VOICES Mikel Banks – Lisala – Karma Mayet Johnson PERCUSSION Shelley Nicole – Satch Hoyt EFX/RECITATION Latasha N. Nevada Diggs CONDUCTION/GIT Gregory Ionman Tate

Sons d’hiver Crew: Denis Collinot -Technical Director
Jacques Laville – Sound Engineer
& Theatre Romain Rolland / Villejuif stage crew
Special Thanks to: Fabien Barontini, Leda Le’Querrec
& the Sons d’hiver & Theatre Romain Rolland Staffs.

Due to licensing restrictions, his recording is only available for streaming.
We have a few more tracks up our sleeves. They’ll be available as soon as we work out the bidness.