Blood On The Leaf

Cover art for Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber: Blood On The Leaf
2000 : truGROID

This is the beginning.
Back in the summer of 1999 Greg Tate gathered a crew of eight musicians to flesh out an idea he had for a new type of band, to perform a new type of music. Those sessions and the following jams at Shariff Simmon’s throwdowns in the basement of CBGBs led to this recording.
Of the 12 musicians (not including tracks 1 & 6 by Moomtez, a previous Tate inception) on this recording, many are still up in the sugar of the Arkestra Chamber today.


  1. Steals a Kiss from the Merman
  2. Harpoon (Bris)
  3. Sirens of Triton
  4. Gnawalickenlalibella
  5. 04.29.92 Justice on the Flex
  6. A Blood Sample from Errol Garner
  7. Blood on the Leaf
  8. Beloved
  9. The Third Bleed
  10. Spartacus Free the Slaves! (featuring Kirk Douglas)


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