Twentieth Anniversary Mixtapes Groiddest Schizznits, Vol. Three

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber Twentieth Anniversary Mixtapes Groiddest Schizznits Volume Three
2019 : TruGroid / AvantGroidd

Consider this Trilogy of 20th Anniversary mix tapes as invitational samplers–Astro-Black star gates to our many-splendored darkly energetic & celestial realm of cosmic riddim, esoteric rambunction, eclectic blue cheer & Oh, The Utter Negrocity Of It All!


© Copyright – Burnt Sugar Index LLC / Trugroid / Avantgroidd


  1. Rise Up Remix Feat Vijay Iyer & Mazz Swift
  2. God Is Black Feat Rene Akan & Justice Dilla-X
  3. Black Fros Black Gold Feat Julie Brown & Leon Gruenbaum
  4. Young Frankenstank Feat Lisala & Vernon Reid
  5. Heartseed Feat Somi, Jared Michael Nickerson, Ronny Drayton & V. Jeffrey Smith
  6. Himatsuri Feat Omega Sirius Moon
  7. The Name Is Blount – Sonny Blount Feat Jeremiah Abiah
  8. Chains And Water Feat Lisala
  9. Mack Jarrett Feat Bruce Mack, Matana Roberts & Petre Radu Scafaru
  10. Sleep Is The Cousin Of Def Feat. Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes & Beans of Anti-Pop Consortrium
  11. Greetings From Takemitsu Feat Satch Hoyt
  12. The Darknuss Feat Shelley Nicole & Andre Lassalle
  13. A Blood Sample From Erroll Garner Feat Vijay Iyer
  14. Spartacus Free The Slaves Feat. Capt. Kirk Douglas & Qasim Naqvi