Twentieth Anniversary Mixtapes Groiddest Schizznits, Vol. One

Twentieth Anniversary Mixtapes Groiddest Schizznits Volume One
2019 : Trugroid / Avantgroidd

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber always gives tribute to our Sonic Sensei, The Maestro Lawrence Butch Morris (1947–2013) for showing us the way of ‘never playing anything the same way once’.


© Copyright – Burnt Sugar Index LLC / Trugroid / Avantgroidd


  1. The Crepescularium (At Midnight)
  2. Mazzafrique
  3. Kungfucious
  4. Yung Black & Vague
  5. Naomi’s Lullaby Feat. Matana Roberts & Jared Michael Nickerson
  6. If There’s A Hell Below
  7. Kirk Bit My Hand Feat. Capt. Kirk Douglas
  8. Sandpiper
  9. Fubractive B
  10. Exhibit A
  11. Juliette And Romeo
  12. Ride Ride Ride Everybody Get Gentrified
  13. Throw Some Light
  14. Other Arrangements
  15. Wretched Of The Earth Page 88
  16. Crazy In The Dark
  17. 4.29.92 (For Rodney King/Justice Dilla-X On The Flex)