The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps

2003 : TruGROID/AvantGROID

Greg Tate’s band under Butch Morris’s baton.
With:  Butch Morris, Pete Cosey & Melvin Gibbs.

Experimental classical and electronic muses meet with a touch of weird, avant garde jazz.


“ …gentle string interludes that organically meld into fractured ambient washes to deep bass grooves and long guitar lines that produce soaring, sustained aches or disturbing subterranean agitations.”
Tom Bojko on The Rites The Japan Times

“It’s electric Miles with soul, Maggot Brain with a PHD, the Hendrix Evans band of dreams, the underwater funk some hear in A.R. Kane.”
Robert Christgau The Village Voice

“Guitarists Rene Akan, Morgan Craft and Kirk Douglass manage to sound massive yet patient; not at all how you’d imagine the typical three guitar cockfight.”
Hua Hsu The Wire

“The sharp display of talent at Symphony Space’s Wall To Wall Miles tribute was complimented by Burnt Sugar’s expansive freeleaning set. Led by Gregory Tate, this enormous band incorporated whispered vocals, whistling, dulcimer, and more, held together by the funky bass playing of Jared Michael Nickerson.”
Ann Powers The New York Times

“It’s intelligent, carnal, spiritual and shows a textural awareness altogether missing from way too much black music right now.”
Peter Shapiro The Wire

“Burnt Sugar is a musical all terrain vehicle; a smoldering concoction of sounds which teeter dangerously on the edge and shelters the spirit of a post Bitches Brew Miles Davis.”
Sunil Chauhan Straight No Chaser


  1. What Stravinsky?
  2. The Brahmsian?
  3. The Russian?
  4. Liturgical?
  5. The Neoclassicist?
  6. Or The Jazz Stravinsky?
  7. Sky Porch


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