Hiroyuki “Matsu” Matsuura : drums

Matsu 01Hiroyu­ki Mat­suu­ra, also known as Mat­su, was born into a musi­cal fam­i­ly in Yoko­hama and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He start­ed play­ing music in his infan­cy and then con­cen­trat­ed on the drums and per­cus­sion in his high school.  After only four years, Mr. Mat­suu­ra won the first prize of Den­nis Cham­bers Drum Com­pe­ti­tion held by the Japan­ese drum mag­a­zine in 1995. Den­nis Cham­bers (San­tana, Tow­er of Pow­er, Steely Dan) said, “ I am sur­prised that he is only 19 years old. We’d been say­ing that there was no great drum­mer in Japan, but we’ve final­ly found one!” While major­ing in account­ing in Chuo Uni­ver­si­ty, Tokyo, Japan, he began work­ing as a pro­fes­sion­al musi­cian. In 1999 as a mem­ber of Tama Band, he won the first prize and the
audi­ence award at the Kichi­jo­ji Jazz Con­test. He also received the sec­ond prize of the Japan­ese drum mag­a­zine drum com­pe­ti­tion in 2000 and his per­for­mance of the com­pe­ti­tion was on the CD of the magazine’s Octo­ber issue. In Japan, he per­formed with many pro­fes­sion­al musi­cians, such as a major record­ing artist Tama­ki Mori (Poly­dor Records), Shin Kazuhara (named “the best trum­peter” in the Japan­ese stu­dio scene) and the Osa­ka Munic­i­pal Sym­phon­ic Band which was estab­lished in 1923 and now car­ries the longest his­to­ry of any pro­fes­sion­al sym­phon­ic wind orches­tra in Japan. In 2002 spring, Mr. Mat­suu­ra was a mem­ber of the R&B-Jazz-House band, urb, that had been approached for a con­tract with Sony Music Japan. How­ev­er, since he longed for the New York City music scene, a com­mu­ni­ty of musi­cians from all over the world, he decid­ed to leave the band to pur­sue his musi­cal study and career in NYC. (After he left the
band, the band signed a con­tract with Sony Jazz label and has released four CDs in Japan.) Mr. Mat­suu­ra moved to New York in Sep­tem­ber 2002. He attend­ed the City Col­lege of New York and stud­ied with dis­tin­guished pro­fes­sors and musi­cians, such as John Pat­i­tuc­ci, Mike Holober, Neil Clark, Dudu­ka da Fon­se­ca, Adam Cruz, and Ed Simon. The City Col­lege gave him the fol­low­ing: the Edward Rensin Memo­r­i­al Award, The Max E.Greenberg Schol­ar­ship, and Doris Field Award. He com­plet­ed a BFA in jazz per­for­mance and was the only BFA music grad­u­ate in the class of Feb­ru­ary 2007 who received the high­est hon­or, Sum­ma Cum Laude. Mr. Mat­suu­ra con­tin­ues his pro­fes­sion­al career as a musi­cian and quick­ly estab­lished him­self as one of the lead­ing drum­mers in the US’s jazz, R&B and world music, the­ater music scene and is now one of the field’s most sought after per­form­ers.

Mr. Mat­suu­ra has worked with  bassist, Hec­tor “Max­i­mo” Rodriguez (Span­ish Harlem Orches­tra), Ori­ente Lopez, Snarky Puppy’s gui­tarist, Robert Lanzetti
Ver­non Jef­frey Smith, Liz Swa­dos, Ben Har­ney, Thirza Defore, Marc Cary, Tyler McDi­armid, Maiysha, the late Har­ry Whitak­er, Ray Gal­lon, leader and pianist of the Gotham Jazz Orches­tra,
Mike Holober, Scott Reeves,  Adam Stol­er, Yahzarah, Bon­cel­lia Lewis, Shel­ley Nicole’s blaK­bushe, Ellis Ludwig-Leone’s San Fer­min, Mil­ton Hen­ry, Justin Roth­berg, Sek­ou­ba Diakite, Wel­fare Poets, Juan Usera, Akil Dasan, Emi­ly Kin­ney, Alice Lee, Kap­pa Tan­abe and Jun­ya Yam­aguchi.