Satch Hoyt

SatchHoyt: photo by Sonja Mueller
SatchHoyt: photo by Sonja Mueller

Satch Hoyt, born in London of British and  African-Jamaican ancestry, is currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. He makes sculptures and installations accompanied with sound, as well as paintings and drawings.
There is a dichotomy in the genres that define two sides of the same coin: a dual and complementary reflection on the African Diaspora and its multi-fold consequences. The sculptural trope in Hoyt’s work addresses the  facts on the ground, so to speak, of black experience, while the drawings tap into a spirit of fantasy, refuge, and transcendence – they are  vehicles for an imaginative journey beyond the obduracy and oppressiveness of history.
With regards to his musical accomplishments Satch Hoyt has composed a number of songs with Grace Jones; noteworthy, is 7 Day Weekend which is on the triple platinum soundtrack album of the Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang. Hoyt also worked with master percussionist composer Stomu Yamashta, played flute on Louise Bourgeois’ OTTE, and is flautist – percussionist in Burt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber since 2001.

Hoyt has sung and played on numerous recordings and has recently recorded a new album in Berlin, Battlefields Of Peace, under the pseudonym Pharoah Dreams which includes guest musicians Julia Kent (Anthony and the  Johnsons), Cass Lewis (Skunk Anansie), Earl  Harvin  (Me’shell  Ndegocello) and Dave Smoota Smith (TV On The Radio).
The album is co-written and co-produced with Dirk Leyers.