Jason DiMatteo : acoustic bass

Jason DiMatteoJason DiMat­teo is a New York based musi­cian who per­forms inter­na­tion­al­ly on the dou­ble and elec­tric bass. He is extreme­ly ver­sa­tile and val­ues com­po­si­tion and ensem­ble dynam­ics over flashy show­man­ship: a con­sum­mate team play­er. As a live per­former, he has played to tens of thou­sands at fes­ti­vals and clubs across the US and Europe.

In NYC, Jason thrives on the wide range of work oppor­tu­ni­ties; he records for film, tele­vi­sion and radio broad­casts, and plays in orches­tras, big-bands, off-Broad­way the­ater pro­duc­tions and bands of all gen­res. In addi­tion, Jason is a clin­i­cian with The Jazz Project, an edu­ca­tion­al out­reach pro­gram that teach­es jazz his­to­ry and per­for­mance in the NYC pub­lic high schools.

Born 12/27/69, in River­side, CA, Jason began play­ing the bass at age 13, while liv­ing in Eugene, Ore­gon. He took pri­vate bass lessons, and played in his high school jazz bands. At that same time, he and sev­er­al friends start­ed a rock band and began play­ing around the area. By 1988, when he decid­ed to move to NYC, he had won awards at region­al and nation­al high school band com­pe­ti­tions, and had begun play­ing pro­fes­sion­al­ly. He went on to earn a BA from NYU in 1992, and MM from Queens Col­lege in 1997. Jason cur­rent­ly lives in Asto­ria, Queens.
Par­tial list of cred­its:

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