Morgan Craft

Morgan Craft
Morgan Craft

Morgan Craft plays Stunt Guitar. Found objects, real time sampling, melody, harmony, rhythm & rhyme, amp hiss, mistakes, devices, shortwave, and a willingness to try something new. An improviser not tied to a system, just true freedom.

Born and raised in New Brighton, Minnesota on a steady diet of everything, he moved to New York in 1994. February 1999 saw the live debut of Earthdriver, of which Morgan was a principle member. His time with the band only lasted six months, but it was enough to garner a handful of gigs, an album, and a bit of attention.

On a recommendation from Greg Tate, Morgan joined Carl Hancock Rux’s Rux Revue Band. The band travelled a bit, hitting the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France, Atlanta for the Black Arts Festival, Los Angeles; as well as gigs in New York at the Bottom Line, Makor, Webster Hall for the 2001 Obie Awards, Joe’s Pub, New Jersey Performing Arts Center and in Prospect Park for their Celebrate Brooklyn event.

In December of 1999 Morgan was tapped by Greg Tate again for Burnt Sugar.

In 2001 Morgan founded Circle Of Light Recordings as a means of releasing music when he wanted, how he wanted. The fist release was a solo electric guitar record called Adagio. Completely improvised from top to bottom, it set in motion his exploration of the concept known as Stunt Gutar². 2003 saw the second release of the label: Rough Americana. The dynamic duo of Morgan and DJ Mutamassik. Improvised and recorded live, the album sets a new standard for electronic music. Dealing in sounds from Memphis, U.S.A. to Memphis, Africa, this is the new hardcore grit-prov. Both releases available online through

In addtion to Burnt Sugar, he has played with: Butch Morris, Talib Kweli, Pete Cosey, Ikue Mori, Meshell Ndegeocello, Anton Fig, Beans, Muzz Skillings, Greg Osby, Rhodri Davies, Johnny Kemp, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Simon H. Fell, Nona Hendryx, Carl Hancock Rux, Daniel Carter & Vernon Reid.

He currently lives in Toscana, Italia.