Morgan Craft : guitar

Morgan Craft

Mor­gan Craft plays Stunt Gui­tar. Found objects, real time sam­pling, melody, har­mo­ny, rhythm & rhyme, amp hiss, mis­takes, devices, short­wave, and a will­ing­ness to try some­thing new. An impro­vis­er not tied to a sys­tem, just true free­dom.

Born and raised in New Brighton, Min­neso­ta on a steady diet of every­thing, he moved to New York in 1994.February 1999 saw the live debut of Earth­driv­er, of which Mor­gan was a prin­ci­ple mem­ber. His time with the band only last­ed six months, but it was enough to gar­ner a hand­ful of gigs, an album, and a bit of atten­tion.

On a rec­om­men­da­tion from Greg Tate, Mor­gan joined Carl Han­cock Rux’s Rux Revue Band. The band trav­elled a bit, hit­ting the Trans­mu­si­cales Fes­ti­val in Rennes, France, Atlanta for the Black Arts Fes­ti­val, Los Ange­les; as well as gigs in New York at the Bot­tom Line, Makor, Web­ster Hall for the 2001 Obie Awards, Joe’s Pub, New Jer­sey Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter and in Prospect Park for their Cel­e­brate Brook­lyn event.

In Decem­ber of 1999 Mor­gan was tapped by Greg Tate again for Burnt Sug­ar.

In 2001 Mor­gan found­ed Cir­cle Of Light Record­ings as a means of releas­ing music when he want­ed, how he want­ed. The fist release was a solo elec­tric gui­tar record called Ada­gio. Com­plete­ly impro­vised from top to bot­tom, it set in motion his explo­ration of the con­cept known as Stunt Gutar². 2003 saw the sec­ond release of the label: Rough Amer­i­cana. The dynam­ic duo of Mor­gan and DJ Muta­mas­sik. Impro­vised and record­ed live, the album sets a new stan­dard for elec­tron­ic music. Deal­ing in sounds from Mem­phis, U.S.A. to Mem­phis, Africa, this is the new hard­core grit-prov. Both releas­es avail­able online through

In addtion to Burnt Sug­ar, he has played with: Butch Mor­ris, Tal­ib Kweli, Pete Cosey, Ikue Mori, Meshell Nde­geo­cel­lo, Anton Fig, Beans, Muzz Skillings, Greg Osby, Rho­dri Davies, John­ny Kemp, Marc Ribot, Chris­t­ian Mar­clay, Simon H. Fell, Nona Hendryx, Carl Han­cock Rux, Daniel Carter & Ver­non Reid.

He cur­rent­ly lives in Toscana, Italia.