Mikel Banks (aka the Spirithood) : vocals/freak-a-phone/harmonica/flute

Mikel BanksAs a vocal­ist, musi­cian (dig­i­tal horn, har­mon­i­ca, per­cus­sion & flute), actor (Bey­once & Jay Z videos), sto­ry­teller & teach­ing artist, Mikel Banks has been per­form­ing with a wide vari­ety of artists for many years. He is cur­rent­ly per­form­ing with the Burnt Sug­ar the Arkestra Cham­ber, Dig­i­tal Dias­po­ra, the Rough­stars and the Dust­bin Broth­ers (Mikel’s DJ duo with IncogNe­gro Michael Adams). His new project,“Mr. Mikel’s Tot Rock & Reg­gae Expe­ri­ence” (ABC’s, 123’s & Pos­i­tives for Pre-School­ers & 1st Graders), is an out­growth of being a pre-school music teacher.  Mikel has devel­oped new songs & adapt­ing some tra­di­tion­al ones to reg­gae & rock styles, all with sing-along mes­sages for the lit­tle ones