Mikel Banks (aka the Spirithood)

Mikel Banks

As a vocalist, musician (digital horn, harmonica, percussion & flute), actor (Beyonce & Jay Z videos), storyteller & teaching artist, Mikel Banks has been performing with a wide variety of artists for many years. He is currently performing with the Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Digital Diaspora, the Roughstars and the Dustbin Brothers (Mikel’s DJ duo with IncogNegro Michael Adams). His new project,”Mr. Mikel’s Tot Rock & Reggae Experience” (ABC’s, 123’s & Positives for Pre-Schoolers & 1st Graders), is an outgrowth of being a pre-school music teacher.  Mikel has developed new songs & adapting some traditional ones to reggae & rock styles, all with sing-along messages for the little ones