Mutamassik : turntables



Muta­mas­sik (mean­ing ‘strong­hold’, ‘tenac­i­ty’ in ara­bic) aka giu­lia loli is a producer/musician/dj/artist/synesthete who’s new music, includ­ing “THAT WHICH DEATH CANNOT DESTROY” is: always the SA’AIDI MARTIAL SOUND (blood unable to be washed out with high-tech deter­gents), MELANQOL BAROQUE parq dunq ARABIFIED SWAMP MUSIC darq punq QUBTI BEATS. the new music empha­sizes live ele­ment EXPLODED on DRUM MACHINE/programmed/loop CHASSIS. a.k.a. pio­neer of Sa’aidi Hard­core & Bal­a­di Break­beats: Egypt­ian & Afro-Asi­at­ic Roots mixed with the head-nod of hip-hop & the bass and syn­co­pa­tion of hard­step. RELENTLESS RHYTHMS FROM THE PAN-AFROARABIC IMMIGRANT SOUND SOURCES. (afro-ori­en­tal punk roots in a rich broth of hip hop; gar­nished with junglis­tic bass and syn­co­pa­tion: first-gen­er­a­tion punk jaw elec­tron­ic hip hop roots ragga­muf­fin pan-african deriv­a­tives) in addi­tion to tran­scen­den­tal son­ic exper­i­ments. …has worked with David Byrne’s Lua­ka Bop, Arto Lind­say, Musi­cians of the Nile, Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Joan Osborne, Butch Mor­ris, Elliott Sharp, Bachir Attar, Kaffe Matthews, Fathy Sala­ma, George Lewis, Leroy Jenk­ins, Hamid Drake, etc.

She found­ed “Sa’aidi Hard­core Pro­duc­tions” in New York City in 1996 and publishing/label “KMT BABOMB USA”. She runs her stu­dio “G.G.S.S/Rocca AlMile­da” which has been set up as both fixed and mobile in Brook­lyn, Cairo & Tus­cany.