“Moist” Paula Henderson : Baritone Saxophone

"Moist" Paula Henderson

“Moist” Paula Hen­der­son

Bari­tone sax­o­phon­ist Moist Paula Hen­der­son is a found­ing mem­ber of the New York instru­men­tal rock band Mois­tur­iz­er and is in the 12th year of a week­ly res­i­den­cy with Rev­erend Vince Ander­son & The Love Choir, Brooklyn’s favorite gospel bar band.

She also released a solo “sax­tron­i­ca” album under the moniker Sec­re­tary and con­tin­ues to work on this project as a duo, SECRETARY feat. Big­Boss.

Hen­der­son has per­formed with TV On The Radio, The Roots, Gogol Bor­del­lo, James Chance & The Con­tor­tions, Sier­ra Leone’s Dry Eye Crew and many oth­ers.

She has been a mem­ber of the Burnt Sug­ar fam­i­ly since 2002 and enjoys play­ing online scrab­ble with peo­ple all over the world.