Trevor Holder : drums

Trevor Holder: drums

Trevor Hold­er: drums

Drum­mer and com­pos­er, Trevor Hold­er, has been sought out for both his musi­cal as well as groove-ori­ent­ed approach to play­ing the drums.  Known as a “musician’s drum­mer”, Trevor’s sen­si­tive and cre­ative style has served as the rhyth­mic foun­da­tion for crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed artists cov­er­ing var­i­ous gen­res. His abil­i­ty to simul­ta­ne­ous­ly sup­port a groove while gen­er­at­ing side-con­ver­sa­tion pieces has result­ed in a sound that is unmis­tak­ably his own.

Born and raised in New York City.  His musi­cal tal­ent was revealed at the age of five, when he began com­pos­ing songs on the piano.  Trevor devel­oped his musi­cal foun­da­tion in clas­si­cal piano at the Man­hat­tan School of Music Prep Divi­sion for nine years.  Dur­ing his teen years Trevor’s musi­cal inter­ests expand­ed to the drum kit as he lis­tened to the music of Jazz artists Miles Davis, Weath­er Report, and Rock group The Police.  His for­mal drum set stud­ies began at Wes­leyan Uni­ver­si­ty, from which he earned a degree with hon­ors in music in 1996.

Upon his com­ple­tion of stud­ies at Wes­leyan, Trevor returned to New York where he start­ed per­form­ing with var­i­ous artists.  The list of per­form­ers include Jazz greats Roy Ayers, Angela Bofill, Jay Hog­gard, Tom Browne, Lil­ias White, Craig Har­ris, and Bri­an Jack­son with whom Trevor co-wrote and pro­duced their 2001 record­ing enti­tled “Got­ta Play”.  Trevor has also col­lab­o­rat­ed with Gram­my award-win­ning singing sen­sa­tion Caron Wheel­er (Soul II Soul), pianist/composer Vijay Iyer, hip-hop artists the Jun­gle Broth­ers, and Dead Prez, Tibetan Pop Star Dadon La, record­ing artist and pro­duc­ers Angela John­son and Lisala, Greg Tate’s eclec­tic Burnt Sug­ar Arkestra, and poets Amiri Bara­ka and Jes­si­ca Care Moore.

Draw­ing upon his West-Indi­an her­itage and train­ing in West­ern Clas­si­cal music, Trevor’s lan­guage as a com­pos­er is also diverse.  His music draws upon Afro-Cuban, Swing, Reg­gae, and Funk rhythms, and don’t claim alle­giance to any par­tic­u­lar har­mon­ic struc­ture.  His orig­i­nal jazz com­po­si­tions are a cel­e­bra­tion of the many musi­cal styles Trevor enjoys and per­forms.

In addi­tion to his per­for­mance work, he cur­rent­ly gives pri­vate drum lessons to stu­dents at the Dal­ton School as well as at Trevor Day School in NYC.